PAPPER Mönster BARN *Mix (L)it Cap* 6 Varianter – strl. 39/40 – 57/58 Bonchipie

189 kr

Mix (L)it Cap is an all-round pattern in double sizes 39/40 – 57/58. The sun hat can be sewn as a cap with a screen, hat with brim, round-top or rear neck protector or as a headscarf with a screen – there is something for all tastes. For children and adults!

Can be sewn both from elastic or mute fabrics. Both variants have their own pattern parts, which are designed and adapted for that type of fabric. For example, the hat can be sewn by:
• Sweat/college
• French Terry
• Jersey
• Cotton jersey
• Knitted fabrics
• Cotton
• Poplin
• Manchester
• Jeans



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